15 Times Britney Spears Showed Off Her Sexy, Toned Legs On Instagram


It’s was 1998 when Britney Spears won our hearts over with her ‘Baby One More Time’ debut. Since then, her millions+ fans have cheered her on to raise the bar and she is doing just that.

It’s no secret that Britney has been crushing it this year. If there is one thing in particular that deserves an extra shoutout, it would be how awesome she looks. She is a 35-year-old rocking her 21-year-old body, two kids later. Not to mention, her super-toned legs are currently giving Carrie Underwood a run for her money.

Check out some of our favorite leg pics from Britney’s Instagram that make us admire her #FitnessGoals.

1. When she recently taught us her handstand trick.

2. When she gave a sneak peek preview to her Slumber Party music video.

3. Anytime she posted about her Vegas Show.

5. When she performed at this year’s Apple Music Festival.

6. That time she seriously “cut loose”.

7. When she showed she has the air splits game.

8. During her VMA Performance.

9. When she showed us her hiking attire.

10. When she showed off her new 1-piece swimsuit.

11. And showed off her green paint legs.

12. Because this pool is incredible.

13. When she showed off her flexibility.

14. When she played on the beach.

15. And all throughout her entire Make Me music video.